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Related article: Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 16:54:14 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures In Nature 02The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check Sexy Lolitas Bbs with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 02 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee %"I tell you... that man can sure sing up a storm!" Michael Byrd says, rising out of his pew as Justin toils at the organ, playing J.S. Bach's `Prelude and Fugue in d minor'."Yup," Kevin agrees, his attention on a side door of the church, an exit where people are honing in on as they get up and make their exit. "Say," he taps Michael on the shoulder, getting his attention, "do you think that door goes to where the ice tea is?""Wasn't it you who wanted to sit in the back to make a quick getaway?" Michael questions."I dunno," Kevin tells him, heading up the center aisle, instead of towards the rear exit. "I see some people I say hello to during the week at Barrs & Bridges, but I don't know their names. Maybe we can get to know them.""Whatever you say, dear," Michael says with a smile, seeing Kevin's attention grabbed by the guy in front of them.Already, Kevin is offering a handshake, as he greets the brown-haired guy, directly in front of his pecs, "Hi. I'm Kevin Spangler."Turning around, arm accidentally brushing against Kevin's chest and stomach, their `stranger' shows a look of question. Michael, blown away by the handsome features of the stranger, shows an equal sense of misplacement, the familiarity of his face."Alac Davalos and it is good to know you, also," the stranger offered, with a Hispanic flair."French?" Kevin asks, as their palms grasp each other with the cordial introduction."My guess is, Spanish?" Michael inquires, his arm to the right side of Kevin's bicep, readying to intercept the friendly greeting. "Michael Byrd. Remember?""You two know each other?" Kevin asks, releasing Alac's hand.With Michael reading the confusion on Alac's face, he clues both his lover and the Spainiard in, "We met about a month ago? Bridges' Realty office ring a bell?""Yes. You have a good memory," Alac replies, lightly squeezing Michael's hand, a toothy grin lighting up his face.In his mind, Michael was thinking, `I never forget a goodlooking man', but instead offered, "As I recall, you forgot your checkbook?""Mr. Bridges was gracious to hold a building to rent, for a few days. Come to find out," Alac reported, "I had either lost my checkbook or left it at home."Kevin inquires, "And just whereabouts is home?""I am originally from Navarra. Have you heard of Pamplona?" Alac quizzes the two.As Kevin shrugs his shoulders, to signify `no', Michael casually responds, "Can't say that I have.""In Spain. I attended the University of Navarra, but then learned of an exchange program with WRCC. To make a long story shortened, I am now making my home here, since I am graduating. For now, home is the dorm," Alac replied, with a smile, turning up the corners of his thin stache, after his mouthful of words."So," Michael fed the conversation as he and Kevin corralled Alac's attention, leading him towards the `ice tea room', "you were interested in renting the old Tolbert's department store?""Yes," Alac replies, "with intent to purchase."Intending on getting more out of Alac, the male couple got sidetracked, when Christian spotted the two, surprised at seeing them at church."When's the last time `you' guys were in church?" Christian asked, directing towards Kevin and Michael, but his attention geared to the new guy."Who, me?" Alac asked, since Christian caught the trio's attention."I meant Michael and Kevin, but..." Stuffing the last crumb of oatmeal cookie in his mouth, Christian brushes his hand on his thigh, to remove any residue, on his dress jeans, and stretches his flat palm sideways, saying, "I don't believe we've met. Christian Houtenjik's the name.""Dutch?" Alac offers in return."I was born there, but don't speak the language," Christian replied, giggling.Michael intervenes, as Kevin heads for the goodies table, "This is Alac Davalos. He'll be setting up shop in the old Tolbert's building.""Nice to meet you," Christian responds. Being new to town, he only pictured the Tolbert building as white-washed window glass, but didn't make an issue of it, as Alac grabs his palm. "Welcome!" Christian exclaimed, adding his smile, a part of his features worth remembering.Smiling back, Alac didn't immediately release Christian's hand, as he stared."Um, can I have my hand back, please?""Oh, I am so sorry.""No problem," Christian says, cheerily."I better go check up on Kevin. Don't want him woofing down everything on the table!" Michael politely excuses himself, seeing his future as a `third wheel', regarding the two.Bounding across the floor, Michael sidesteps between church-goers. Before he reaches the banquet table, Tony corners him, as he steps by Steve and Barry, exchanging `hellos'."Thank you for coming to see me!" Tony ecstatically greets him with a warm hug, fencing him in the stable of his arms. "What do you think?"Breaking, he gives Michael a chance to breathe. "Like I was telling Kevin, you sound like Pavoratti's twin brother.""Luciano had a twin? News to me," Tony says, a question on his face."No, no, no... I was using it as a reference... for your awesome tenor voice," Michael spits out.Responding with another hug, Tony clears the subject slate, saying, "Oh by the way, do you remember you talked to me regarding one of my workmen's utility belts?""Sure. I think it was Mike's?" Michael remembered."I have it in my car. Mike broke down and invested in a new one, so he gave me the old one. It's yours, if you would like to have it," Tony offers."Sure," Michael said. "I'll take it off your hands now, if you would like?"Parting company with the hundred or so parishers, the two head out of the side door, to the parking lot."They put on a nice spread, don't they?"Looking around, Kevin made sure the question was directed to him, as he held a small paper plate, loaded up with a square of cheesecake, cookies piled on top, a chocolate chip cannoli wedged in on the side of the cake, a paper cup of ice tea in his other hand. Thinking he knew the young man, he asks, "You're Antonio, bakery manager at Barr's & Bridges, right?""That's me," Antonio tells. "How's the cannoli?""I haven't gotten to it yet," Kevin replies."Here, try it. They're real good," Antonio says, picking up another rolled tube of the fragile, flaky pastry, lifting it to Kevin's lips.Thinking Antonio a bit forward, he didn't want to embarrass the twenty-six year old latino, so opened his mouth and chomped off half of the ricotta-stuffed tube, taking the remainder in his own hand."Like it?"Nodding his head up and down, Kevin smiled as he chewed it up, swallowing it down with a sip of ice tea. "I have to admit, it's the best cannoli I've ever tasted.""Same thing I told Ivan, when he talked me into carrying them at the store," Antonio mentions."Ivan?" Kevin asks, thinking he's heard the name before."Petrov. Ivan Petrov.""Yes, yes," it dawns on Kevin, "I think Michael has mentioned his name.""Michael?" Antonio quesitons."Michael Byrd? Owner of Birdy's Cafe? Um, my better half?"Of all the facts, Antonio zeroes in on one, stating, "Oh, I thought you were single, Kevin. I'm terribly sorry about the cannoli... I thought..." His light tan shows the tint of embarrassment."Eh, think nothing of it. It tasted good. Besides, I'm not used to being fed by... it's not important." To help Antonio escape from his guilt, Kevin asks, "So, tell me about Ivan Petrov and his cannolis. How does a Russian guy make such a good Italian dessert?""Actually, he's the middle man. As I understand it, his cousin, Vitaly makes the goods and he pedals them," Antonio offers, with relief. "I followed Sexy Lolitas Bbs him out to his car one time. The back was loaded with goods. Nice of him to give me a sampling.""Car, you say?" Kevin asks, followed by a short-lived giggle."Yes. One of the things which made me reluctant to purchase his goods. It was a late 80's Chevy Malibu, more rust than paint. However, after tasting a few samples of his deserts, he could've been driving a Model T and it wouldn't have mattered," Antonio explains."I see," Kevin replies, wheels of motion churning inside his brain, with an idea of a way to expand his business.%"Knock-knock... alright Sexy Lolitas Bbs if I come in?"Looking up from their conversation, Denis and Jose direct their attention to the guy pounding on the open door with his knuckles."Then again, I suppose I've already invited myself in," he says, entering with a faux-leather, Nike backpack slung over one shoulder. Then, eyes jutting between the two, he asks, "Ah, which one of you are Denis Clark?""Me," Denis replies, a short hand-raise. A slight tingling sensation persists under his hospital garment, as he beholds the handsome guy."Julian Bergne," Sexy Lolitas Bbs he holds his hand out. "Your father engaged my services, to hopefully guide you through the last month of high school, in hopes of having you graduate.""So you're the infamous Julian Bergne?" Jose blurts out.Over his still extended right shoulder, Julian inquires, "And you are?"Physically manhandling Julian's right, brown-haired forearms, Jose tears his hand away Sexy Lolitas Bbs from Denis, taking it in his right hand, offering, "Jose Vega. Darryl Tudyk's `little brother'? Darryl has mentioned you a few times.""Good things, I hope," Julian replies, hoping the facts surrounding their friendship hadn't leaned too far towards the `sexual' aspect.Looking towards Denis, Jose kept his comments brief, even though he could have told the whole tale of how the two men had been introduced to each other. "Sure. You and Darryl are good friends, the way I hear it.""Same," Denis agrees."Well. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, how about we settle down to some school work. Okay if we start with some english?" Julian asks, as Jose dumps his ass back into his handicapped chair and zips out of the room.Taking up Jose's chair, Julian whips the wheeled bed table over to where the two are seated. "Now I know this can be lower..." he says, fidgeting with a button on the one-sided leg."I know from experience," Denis suggests, commandeering the bed table, "if you are not careful, you can get a nasty pinch in trying to lower it."Looks like you're a pro at it," Julian said, attention keyed to more Denis, than the table."I know because I drew blood, the first time I tried making it higher. Defeated the whole purpose, when it dropped down, instead of raising up. There. That okay?""Fine," the twenty-five year old tutor exclaimed, smiling, trying to hide the fact he had been staring at the blond teen. He unzipped the backpack, retrieving two books, notebook and a rectangular cardboard box of Bic pens, taking out the necessary supplies, yet providing a creative diversion.However, Denis' immediate attention wasn't on english, as he turned the tables on Julian, now checking him out. "I hope you don't mind me saying this...""What?" Julian asks, gesturing to go ahead."I think Darryl has good tastes in men."With a smile, Julian replies, "I think we better focus on the reason I'm here.""Sorry," Denis replies, then adds, "It's just that... nah, forget it."Opening the textbook, Julian lets the cover flap close, as he asks, "No, go ahead. Let's hear it, so we don't have intermingling thoughts during the lesson.""Well," Denis leads back into the subject, "I've Sexy Lolitas Bbs been thinking what a nice guy Darryl is, taking an interest in me, while I'm not feeling my best and how supportive you were when Darryl needed a shoulder to lean on. It's ironic how life can be. I guess what they say `what goes around, comes around', is really true."Julian left his reply subtle, saying, "Yes, well..." then pawing through the pages of the english text, says, "I spoke with your teacher and he says......" he flips through about fifty pages, "this is makeup work and..." flipping another fifty pages, "this is material to be covered within the next two weeks. Mr. Dugan hinted to me the exam will be mostly from these one hundred pages.""Heavy," Denis replied, "looks like we've got a lot to go through.""And remember, I'm only here to instruct you. The rest is homework," Julian tells."How long do I have to complete homework?""I'll try to make it back tomorrow afternoon. Usually, on Monday's, there are mandatory teacher meetings, but I might be able to get out of it. If not, I will see you Tuesday, around four o'clock.""One more question," Denis asks."Sure.""It's not about the school stuff."With his hand fanning out over the text, Julian keys his attention towards Denis, saying, "I really think we should isolate the personal from schoolwork. Hmm?"Shooting it back into Denis' court, the eighteen year old replied, "Okay. I was just curious, that's all."The mention of his curiosity, now provoked Julian into a whim of curiosity! Giving in, he says, "Alright. One last question and then that's it.""It's really more general than personal," Denis said, giving Julian another chance to pursue or drop the subject."Get it off your chest, if it's bugging you.""Okay," Denis resigned himself, stating, "Darryl says he and you broke up...""Broke up?" Julian interjected, news to him, since he was still seeing Darryl."Yeah," Denis replies, not getting the reference, "Darryl said you broke up because you were not interested in developing a relationship. What I was wondering is your opinion? Do you think a lot of young guys are into other guys for just sex?"It's a good thing Denis had achieved lowering the table, setting the two apart. Underneath, Julian's privates responded to more than the `english' part of the tutoring. A mix of the awesome encounters he has had with Darryl, plus the picture-perfect image of the young, blond teen in front of him, made his mouth water. Taking down a gulp of spit, Julian referred in general, "I think it really depends on the individual preferences of how a couple perceives their relationship."Not meaning to revert back to the personal nature, Denis slips and asks, "Oh, so like Darryl says, you were into.... um, not into developing anything more permanent?"Thinking about it, Julian wondered where all this was leading. It piqued his interest, rather then stifle his emotions. His mind already immersed in the sexual aspect, especially pertaining to his oral action, verses Darryl's anal retribution, the tutor had a tough time reverting back to the english lesson. At the same time, Julian sensed a bit of embarrassment, at having developed a relationship, born out of only the casual sex. His crotch buildup added no relief, as he tried to formulate thoughts in his mind, separating his previous encounters with Darryl and sticking to Denis' interrogation. At the same moment, the whole issue was clouded by the fact of still having the more than occasional fling with Darryl, being careful not to divulge too much, which would lead to him confessing all to Darryl's teenaged lover. At this point, the rude awakening occured, driving Julian's brain back into focus."Is this all coming to a point, Denis? I mean, why do you want to know so much about... about `us'?"Feeling he has in some way stepped over his bounds, Denis searches within the nooks and crannies of his own mind, finding anyway to explain his way out of not trying to embarrass Julian. "Well, um... ah, so..." Then the perfect reason came to the surface, as he relayed, " when Darryl and I do decide to... um, do it, I'd like to know what pleases him.""Pleases him? Like how do you mean that?" Julian knew he was reading Denis right, but then the testosterone churning around in his balls, made him switch back to erotic thoughts. Yet, he eluded to, "Oh, you mean like what he likes to order when he goes out to a restaurant?""Well-l-l-l-l... not exactly." Then, refocusing Denis inquires, "Did you ever go out to a restaurant with Darryl? I mean if you and he were only into... you know..."By now, Julian's hand had left the text, it flopping close. He had a flashback to the first time they met in a bar, but other then barhopping, the two never ventured further than Darryl's bedroom. Finally, he glanced over to the table, as he assembled his thoughts, once more viewing the english text. It was tough trying to revert to the reason he had been hired, as his hard shaft vied for expansion, shoved up against the underside of the table. It's then he also realized Denis, left-handed, holding the pen over the table, tapping lightly on the notebook, waiting for more conversation, his other hand in his lap."What?" Denis says, eyes shooting down to the gown covering the outline of his massive teen erection. "Oops!" he replies, as his hand accidentally strokes the side of his barrel, causing release, a dime-sized value of cum forming against the flannel surface."You know, Denis, I think we should have this out for once and for all?""Have it out?" Shrugging his shoulders, Denis replies, "I know about you two... meeting at a bar... going back to Darryl's house for sex. Like he said, you were only into it to make each other feel good. What more is there to tell?""Can I be honest with you?""I thought you were, Mr. Bergne," Denis replies, a tinge of uneasiness surfacing, his hand straying from his lap."Julian," Julian tells Denis, as if correcting him, but more suggesting calling him by his first name. Knowing he had to treat this delicately, pending Denis' mental situation, he couldn't think of any better way of doing it, but coming straight out with the facts of the matter. "The truth is, I'm still seeing Darryl.""it's okay," Denis shakes it off. "No reason why you can't still be friends.""No. You don't get it. I'm still seeing Darryl, like coming to his house," Julian spelled it out."Oh, I know," Denis says nonchalantly, adding, "What I hear from Darryl, you two have a special friendship. I'm really happy Darryl has somebody, on the outside.. I mean, other than me, stuck in here, to talk with."At first, Julian didn't know what to say, blotting the sweat on his brow with his hand. Then, approaching the subject from the clinical view, Julian tells him, "You see, Darryl hasn't been dealing with this.... you being in the hospital, very lightly...""Of course," Denis cut him off, then rationalized, "I would think a guy loving another guy... to see him in the hospital, has got to hurt."A pause gave Julian time to reorganize his thoughts. "Denis, I don't mean to upset you, but the night they brought you into the hospital..." he waited to make sure he had Denis' full attention, yet still remained a hundred percent indecisive about bursting the teen's `love-bubble', took a deep breath, as he told, "Darryl was feeling real lousy...""I know. He told me. He said he worried about me way after he went home. He said he had to take a sleeping pill to help him go to sleep," Denis said, recalling his conversation, the day after.It put Julian in a quandary, whether to expose the truth or let the teen believe a lie. "That's not entirely how it went that night.""What do you mean?""Sure, Darryl was upset. I ran into him in the hospital parking lot. Denis, I don't know how else to put this to you, but the truth. I tried to refuse him, but Darryl...." he didn't want to use the word, `begged', so eluded to, "said he could use some company.""So? Isn't that what friends are for?"Taking a longer than usual inhale, Julian unloaded, "Denis, I went home with Darryl.""What do you mean you went home with him? Darryl said he was home alone. He even said he wished I was there with him," Denis said, with an edge, as he pressed his arms to the sides of the chair, tensing his bod.Knowing he was in the thick of it, Julian proceeded, "Denis," Julian said, rising out of his seat, putting a hand on Denis' shoulder, "I think it's best you know the facts."Staring up at the six foot, twenty-five year old, Denis' facial features frowned upon what he was about to hear, but still showed provocation, probing for the truth. "What do you mean?""Denis," Julian hesitates for a brief interval, then pours out, "that night and every night since then, I've been visiting Darryl's house... slept in his bed.""What the fuck?" Denis says, his swimmer-worked arms pressing against the sides of the chair, his six foot height elevating him to stand face to face with his tutor."I'm sorry, but somebody's gotta tell you before it's too late.""You're lying," Denis accuses him. "You just want Darryl for yourself!"A bit perturbed, Julian says, "Denis, you already know there's nothing between Darryl and I. To him, I'm just another tight ass to fuck!"With his adrenaline peaking, plus listening to facts he hasn't cared to believe, Denis began freaking out. Lashing out, at the person partially responsible for his actions, it's Julian who took the hefty punch to his gut, powered by the teen's high-strung emotions, equal to that of a prizefighters delivering."Ugggh!" Julian groaned, clutching his solar plexus, as his knees caved in."Whoooooa... whoa...whoa, buddy... wanna put that down?"To Julian's advantage, as well as Denis', it became their luck to have Tony Gagliardi step back in, a bag of burgers in his hand, as the raging teen stood above the teacher, metal chair in hand, ready to use it as a weapon.Not immediately seeing it, at Tony's exclamation, Julian cocked his head, looking upwards, a hand still feeling up his tender stomach. "Denis, put it down," Julian suggests, in between still catching his breath. "I'll put it down alright. I'll fuckin' put it down right on your fuckin' head!"As if running the diving board, Tony drops the bag of burgers and darts across the room, manhandling the chair, as Denis decides to fling it Sexy Lolitas Bbs over his head, shouting, "Easy... I don't think you really want to do that!""What the hell's going on in... hey, you wanna put that chair down, cowboy?" Jack renders, directing his comment to Tony."Sure, but it's not me you have to worry about, `cowboy'!" Tony throws back at Jack Collier, nurse on duty.Taking the chair from Tony, Jack's not impervious to the beefy swimmer's build hiding underneath the tank top, but with more dire circumstances, he questions, "So, somebody want to clue me in on what the fu-hell is going on in here?"Backing off, Denis has turned to a small corner of the room, staring at the two intersecting corners, sniffling. Tony follows Denis, as Jack inquires of Julian, helping him to his feet."Denis-buddy... you okay?" Tony asks, placing a hand on his shoulder.Punching his shoulder forwards, he makes Tony's hand flop off, as he nastily remarks, "Get your fuckin' hand off me. Get the fuck outta here. I don'want any of you fuckin' bastards here. Why don'you all just fuckin' leave me alone?""Um, you a doctor or something?" Tony asks Jack, turning back to the blue-outfitted dude."Nurse. But I don't have to be a surgeon to tell he needs help and fast. I'll be right back. Don't let him go anywhere."Tony, his mind still on Denis, his eyes followed the tight nurse's uniform, clinging to his ass, til the door obscured his vision.Shoveling the books back into his back pack, Julian says, "I think I better go. I've done Sexy Lolitas Bbs enough damage for one day."Leaving Denis' backside, Tony addresses Julian, accusing, "Oh, so you're the asshole who set him off, are you?""Excuse me?" Julian says, looking at his shoulder, the place where Tony has grabbed at the fabric binding his bicep, curling it up in his fist.Letting him go, Tony replies, "I want to know what you did.""What I did? I'll tell you what I did. Stopped him from becoming a teenage statistic in the `broken-hearts club'. Now excuse me. I have a bigger problem to deal with.""Whoooooa! Where you think you're going?" Tony calls out, upon intercepting Denis, as he's about to follow Julian out of the room.Of course a scuffle evolved, Tony doing the only thing he knew how, to keep Denis from bolting from the room, going after Julian. Throwing his arms around the fellow swimmer, encasing him in the prison of his beefy biceps, he tries to calm him, "Whoa there, Denis-bud, the nurse-dude said for you to stay put!""Good! Exactly where we want him," Jack belts out, as two attendants accompany him into the room, one with a injection, all primed and ready to stick in Denis' arm."Owch!" Tony called out, when he received an accidental knee to the balls, during the fracas."Tough luck, cowboy!""Don't worry," Tony turned to Jack, as he helped hold Denis, applying a bearhug, "you'll get yours!"With the two hospital staff doctoring Denis, knowing the teen would be subdued by sleep, he focused on the swimmer-jock. With his mind free to think, Jack's gaydar kicked in, picking up some hefty vibes, shooting straight down his bod, into his balls."What's with Denis, Jack?" Jose asks, almost butting his handicapped chair into Jack's thigh."This..." Jack smiled. Before proceeding, sure of his intuition, Jack responds to Jose, pointing to Tony, "This 'hunk' must've said something to him!"Smiling, Tony's thinking, `Hunk? Mmmmmmm!'%Copyright 2007 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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